Comfort & Sedation

Comfort & Sedation

We always make sure you are comfortable during treatment.

We Keep You Pain-Free and Comfortable during Treatment

Dr. Peto and our staff treat your comfort as a top priority. We do everything we can to help you relax and make your procedures as comfortable and pain-free as possible. Our office environment, friendly service and minimally invasive procedures all contribute to giving you a comfortable experience.

Minimally Invasive and Conservative Treatment

A major way Dr. Peto ensures your comfort is by using advanced technology and minimally invasive treatment methods wherever possible.

Dental laser for gum disease treatment

Dr. Peto uses an advanced dental laser to effectively treat most cases of moderate to severe gum disease. Treatment with the laser removes the need for standard surgical instruments. Laser-treated tissues heal faster and there is far less post-procedure discomfort.

Ultrasonic scalers for gentle cleanings

Comfort & Sedation

Our ultrasonic scalers clean teeth gently and can be adjusted for comfort.

Our ultrasonic scalers emit sound vibrations that gently and efficiently remove the plaque and calculus that has accumulated below your gum line. They are gentler on your teeth than standard scaling instruments and can be adjusted for comfort.

Comfort Amenities

To make your time in the chair more comfortable, Dr. Peto provides pillows, blankets and headphones to use with your portable music player.

Gentle Injections

After applying a topical anesthetic at the point of injection, Dr. Peto administers the injection very slowly so as to cause no discomfort. He waits several minutes and checks to see if you are adequately numb before proceeding. If more anesthetic is needed, he will gently deliver it and ensure all is well before starting treatment.

Sedation Dentistry

For patients who need extra help to relax and for long procedures, we provide several sedation options. Dr. Peto will recommend the option that best suits your needs.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous Oxide is a colorless, odorless gas you inhale that reduces tension and anxiety. The effects of the gas wear off quickly. Dr. Peto gives you pure oxygen immediately after terminating the nitrous oxide to speed recovery time.

Oral conscious sedation

Dr. Peto offers oral sedation to help you relax. The sedative puts you into a twilight-like sleep where you can still respond to requests and questions from the doctor.

IV conscious sedation

In IV conscious sedation, the sedative is introduced directly into your bloodstream and takes effect immediately. The sedative can be regulated for strength during the procedure to ensure optimal comfort. You will be in a deeply relaxed twilight-like sleep yet still able to respond to communications from the doctor.

Dr. Peto is certified in IV sedation. He will administer the anesthesia and monitor you during treatment. He partners with an anesthesiologist for patients with very complex medical conditions to ensure safety.

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