Dental Implants in Beverly Hills

Our Dental Implant Services in Beverly Hills

Dr. Peto will show you your dental implant options and answer all your questions.

Minimally Invasive Dental Implant Services

A dental implant is a titanium or ceramic post that acts as an artificial tooth root and serves as the foundation for a replacement tooth. Dental implants can support an individual crown, a dental bridge or an entire arch of replacement teeth.

As a periodontist, Dr. Peto is a specialist in dental implant placement. He is highly trained and experienced and uses advanced technology for thorough diagnostics and treatment planning to ensure patients achieve the most stable and aesthetic result. He is able to help most people receive dental implants and experience their superior benefits.

Highly recognized, board-certified specialist

Our Dental Implant Services in Beverly Hills

Dr. Peto is a Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology, a distinction earned by only 10% of periodontists.

As a periodontist, Dr. Peto is a specialist in dental implants. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology, a certification granted only after passing a thorough and rigorous exam on dental implant procedures and other aspects of periodontics. Only 10% of periodontists have achieved this status.

He has also served as clinical faculty at the University of California at Los Angeles in the Department of Periodontics, where he lectured to students and supervised their performance of periodontal procedures.

Quality implant treatment that lasts a lifetime

Using 3D imaging technology, computer-guided implant placement, expert bone regeneration and minimally invasive treatment methods, Dr. Peto can place dental implants that will be stable, fully functional and can last a lifetime with proper maintenance care.

Our Dental Implant Options

Dr. Peto makes a full evaluation to assess which dental implant option will work best for the patient with missing teeth or teeth needing extraction. He bases his evaluation on the number of teeth needing replacement, the condition of the teeth, bone or gums, and the patient’s own desires and budget requirements. Our implant options include:

  • Individual implants to replace single or multiple teeth
  • An implant-supported bridge to replace multiple adjacent teeth
  • Implant-supported teeth options for full teeth replacement, including snap-in dentures, fixed-in implant-supported dentures and implant-supported bridges

Titanium and ceramic implant options

Dr. Peto offers both titanium and ceramic implants. Both are biocompatible, durable, and have their own unique advantages.

For patients who would like a non-metal implant option, Dr. Peto will be able to tell you after a full exam if you are a candidate for ceramic implants and will answer all your questions as to the advantages of each type of material.

Learn more about our Dental Implant Options for missing teeth and teeth needing extraction.

Complimentary Dental Implant Consultation

Our Dental Implant Services in Beverly Hills

  • Full Mouth X-rays
  • Complete oral exam
  • Find out if you are a candidate for dental implants
  • Dr. Peto will discuss your treatment options with you
  • Get any questions answered

*If you have insurance, your insurance company will be billed for the consultation.

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25% OFF Dental Implants

This special offer is available for a limited time. 25% off applies to the dental implant placement. It does not include bone grafting, sinus lifts, abutment or dental restoration.

Patient must be seen for a consultation and start treatment before May 31, 2016.

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Our Minimally Invasive Dental Implant Procedure

Dental implant placement is a delicate and precise procedure that requires very thorough diagnostics and meticulous planning and execution. Dr. Peto uses the latest in technology to ensure your dental implant treatment is minimally invasive, comfortable, accurate and efficient.

High-tech diagnostics

Our Dental Implant Services

Using high-tech imaging, Dr. Peto can determine the best placement position for your dental implants.

Dr. Peto starts with a complete oral examination, a review of your medical and dental history, a full series of X-rays and, if needed, a 3D CT scan of your entire jaw.

A 3D CT scanner captures a complete three-dimensional composite image of your entire jaw, teeth and related anatomy. The images can be viewed from any angle, and sections can be magnified for a close inspection.

From these images he can see how much bone is available where the implant is to be placed, and will know ahead of time if any bone grafting will be needed to ensure adequate support for the implant.

Meticulous planning

Using the X-rays and 3D images, Dr. Peto  determines the precise placement point for the implant. When needed, he feeds the images into a special implant planning software and digitally maps the implant’s precise position, angle and depth of insertion.

Surgical guides to guarantee accuracy

Our Dental Implant Services in Beverly HillsTo guarantee accuracy of placement where the point and angle of insertion is critical, Dr. Peto uses the data from the planning software and makes a surgical guide to be used in the procedure.

A surgical guide is a template that fits over the dental arch with an access hole that gives the exact position, angle and depth for placement of the implant. Dr. Peto then places the implant through the guide, making the procedure accurate, fast and minimally invasive.

Bone grafting and sinus lifts

Bone Grafting and Sinus LiftsWhere there is inadequate bone present to support an implant, Dr. Peto will graft bone material into the implant site to regenerate the needed bone. He uses the latest procedures and materials for minimally invasive and effective bone regeneration.

Some patients have sinuses that have expanded down into the area where an implant would be placed in the upper jaw, leaving the bone too shallow for an implant to be stable. In these cases, Dr. Peto will augment the bone level by placing bone graft material on the sinus floor. This will build back adequate bone depth for the implant. The procedure for adding bone to the sinus floor is known as a sinus lift.

Learn more about Bone Grafting & Sinus lifts here.

Gentle and non-traumatic extractions

Where a tooth is to be extracted first before the implant is placed, Dr. Peto gently removes the tooth in a way which causes minimal to no damage to the surrounding gum and bone tissue. This reduces the amount of bone grafting needed, minimizes swelling and speeds healing time.

Making sure you are comfortable

Our Dental Implant Servies

We always ensure your comfort during treatment.

Your comfort is a top priority for Dr. Peto. He takes care when administering anesthetic and ensures you feel no unpleasant sensation before he starts any procedure. His minimally invasive methods minimize discomfort and reduce healing time.

We have blankets and pillows for your added comfort in the chair. If you need extra help with anxiety, Dr. Peto has sedation dentistry options that will help you relax. Dr. Peto is certified in IV sedation. He will administer the anesthesia and monitor you during treatment. He partners with an anesthesiologist for patients with very complex medical conditions to ensure safety.

Same day new teeth

When an implant is placed where the bone support is already sufficient, Dr. Peto can place a new tooth or teeth on the same day. If the implant has to heal first before the final restoration is placed, Dr. Peto will provide a temporary restoration that will put no pressure on the implant but will keep your smile intact.

For multiple missing teeth or an entire arch of missing teeth, Dr. Peto will provide a temporary partial or full denture for you to wear while the implants heal.

High-quality final restorations

Dr. Peto partners with highly skilled restorative dentists or prosthodontists who create the high-quality crowns, bridges or dentures that will attach to your dental implants. Prosthodontists are dental specialists who have received several years of advanced training in the making of replacement teeth.

Dr. Peto will make sure your new teeth are both beautiful and functional. He will place the implant so the new tooth aligns with your other teeth and is easy to clean.

Dental Implant Cleanings

Dental implants need to be maintained with good home oral care and routine cleanings just like regular teeth, and dental implants require special procedures and instrumentation to be cleaned correctly. Dr. Peto will make sure your dental implants are well cared for as part of your regular hygiene maintenance program following treatment.

Patient Testimonial

Patient Testimonials“I came to see Dr. Peto following a failed implant. I was very nervous to go through another surgery. He was very patient and kind. Even though I had a lot of anxiety, he treated me with patience and respect. His procedure was much more comfortable than a previous surgery I had elsewhere, and my recovery time was greatly reduced. Thank you Dr. Peto!”

— Joan

Patient Testimonials“I needed to have dental implants. Dr. Peto took a very cautious and measured approach to my procedure. He and his staff were professional, skilled and concerned with my needs. Due to all of his efforts, I had positive results. My implants are comfortable and the outcome of my procedure was a good one.”

— Ellen

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