Gum Recession Treatment in Beverly Hills

Gum Recession Treatment

Dr. Peto will explain the benefits of gum recession treatment.

Minimally Invasive Techniques for Repairing Receding Gums

Gum recession exposes the roots of your teeth and makes the teeth appear longer than normal. Not only does it make you look old, it also makes your teeth sensitive to heat and cold and seriously affects their health. Tooth roots are softer than regular tooth enamel and thus subject to increased damage when exposed.

Dr. Peto can expertly restore your gum line back to its proper position around your teeth and restore the health and beauty of your smile using minimally invasive gum grafting procedures.

Our Gum Recession Treatment

Dr. Peto has several minimally invasive procedure options for restoring gum tissue around your teeth. He will determine the methods that will best serve your needs after a thorough exam. He will thoroughly explain the treatment options that will work best for you and will answer all your questions.

Growth proteins help stimulate new tissue growth

Often when Dr. Peto is restoring the gum line of many teeth simultaneously, he can use growth proteins to stimulate new gum tissue growth rather than use harvested tissue from another part of the mouth.

In this procedure, he first gently frees up the outer layer of gum tissue around the teeth. He then brings the outer layer up over the tooth roots to form a new gum line. On the tooth roots themselves, he applies growth proteins which stimulate the generation of new gum tissue. This will add thickness and strength to the newly positioned gums.

Gentle gum grafts

Gum Recession Treatment in Beverly Hills

Dr. Peto makes sure you are totally happy with the outcome of your gum recession treatment.

When needed, Dr, Peto gently harvests a small piece of tissue from the palate and places it where the gums need to be augmented. The grafted tissue is placed under the surface layer of gum tissue around the teeth to add thickness and strength to the gums. The outer layer of gum is then brought up around the teeth and secured in its new position.

Repairing Thin Gums

Gums that are too thin cannot support the teeth adequately. Thin gums will eventually recede and cause erosion of the exposed tooth roots.

Dr. Peto gently takes a small piece of strong tissue from the palate and adds this tissue to the thin gums. The grafted tissue will add the necessary thickness and strength and the health of the teeth will be preserved.

Aesthetic Gum Regeneration

Sometimes there is adequate bone support for a dental implant, but the gum line is not high enough or thick enough to hide the implant after the crown is attached. To ensure adequate gum coverage around an implant where the gum level is insufficient, Dr. Peto can graft palate tissue and place it around the implant. This will make the crown look totally natural in its position and there will be no visible evidence that an implant is supporting it.

The gum line can also occasionally leave a small visible space under the replacement tooth of a dental bridge. This makes an unsightly gap under the bridge and mars the beauty of your smile. Dr. Peto can add graft tissue under the bridge and fill in the gap, making your gum line and bridge look completely natural.


The frenum is a small fold of tissue that connects two parts of your mouth and limits their motion. There is a frenum on the inside center of your lips that connects your lips to your gums. Another frenum is found in the center of the underside of your tongue.

When the frenum is too large and thus too strong, it can pull the gum away from the teeth closest to its attachment point and cause those gums to recede. Dr. Peto often uses a gentle laser to re-sculpt oversized frena to their proper size so they function normally and do not cause any gum recession.

Ensuring Your Comfort

Dr. Peto always thoroughly explains your gum recession treatment so you know exactly what is going to happen and can feel at ease. He uses thorough and gentle numbing techniques so the procedure is comfortable.

His minimally invasive procedures often remove the need for grafting tissue from other parts of your mouth. And when you are in the chair, we give you blankets, pillows, and headphones on request.

Complimentary Gum Recession Treatment Consultation

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  • Dr. Peto will discuss your treatment options with you
  • Get any questions answered

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Before and Afters

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Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

“I was told I would need gum work on one or two teeth since I had receding gums. A co-worker referred me to Dr. Peto and I liked him right away. He was very honest with me and said there was only one tooth that needed to be treated. He didn’t try to get me to get more work than I needed. That made me feel very comfortable with him. He’s knowledgeable and very detail-oriented.

“My recession has improved since the procedure. I could see why he rated five stars on all his online reviews.”

— Vanessa

“There was no great level of pain or discomfort.”

“My dentist told me Dr. Peto was the best periodontist for my receding gums. His recommendation turned out to be correct. I found Dr. Peto to be very calming. There was no great level of pain or discomfort during my procedure. He walked me through the process, explained everything in a comprehensible manner, and was remarkably calm and professional. My gums are in a much better condition.”

— Eric

“He’s very easy to talk with.”

“My issues were major. Bleeding and receding gums, teeth that couldn’t be saved, a bridge that needed to be replaced. In other words, there was a lot of discomfort. But now after my gum surgery and implants there’s no more pain. Now I only get good reports when I go in to see Dr. Peto.

“I always like to know what’s happening with my health and what’s involved with my treatment. Dr. Peto is very thorough in his explanations. He speaks to me in plain English and not in technical language, so he’s very easy to talk with. His whole staff is very good at keeping me informed so there are never any surprises. ”

— Sandra

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