Our Services

Our Services

Dr. Peto always explains his procedures to you so you understand what will be done in treatment.

Dr. Peto is a highly trained and experienced periodontist who provides a full range of periodontal services. He uses advanced technology and minimally invasive procedures to ensure the highest quality results.

Below are the services he offers. Just click on the titles to learn more about each one.

Your First Visit & New Patient Exam

Dr. Peto conducts a thorough exam for all new patients and combines high-tech diagnostics with a friendly and interested discussion of your needs. He will always thoroughly explain your treatment options and  answer all your questions.

Gum Disease Treatment

Dr. Peto will save teeth whenever possible, and uses minimally invasive procedures and advanced technology to ensure your treatment is both effective and comfortable. He uses advanced laser technology to treat gum disease, and can effectively treat even severe cases of gum disease without having to resort to periodontal surgery.


LANAP is an abbreviation for “Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure”. The LANAP system is a highly advanced laser treatment for moderate and severe  gum disease that effectively removes the bacteria that causes the disease and stimulates the regrowth of gum tissue and reattachment of the gums to the teeth. The laser treatment removes the need for periodontal surgery in most patients. It is a minimally invasive procedure that causes minimal post-operative discomfort and has a recovery time that is far faster than standard periodontal surgery.

Gum Recession Treatment

When your gums recede from their proper position around your teeth, your teeth appear too long and you can look much older than you are. Additionally, the tooth roots are exposed to further damage, your teeth can become very sensitive and the overall health of your teeth is jeopardized. Dr. Peto uses minimally invasive gum grafting procedures to  restore your full gum line, preserve the health of your teeth and increase the beauty of your smile.

Cosmetic Gum Surgery

When you have too much gum covering your teeth, the beauty of your smile is hampered and your teeth can be harder to clean and keep healthy. An uneven gum  line around your teeth makes your teeth look odd-shaped and hurts the symmetry of your smile. Dr. Peto can gently remove the excess gum tissue that is hiding your teeth and can make your gum line even and aesthetic.

Bone Grafting & Sinus Lifts

Adequate jawbone volume around your teeth is needed to keep them strongly anchored. It is also needed to maintain the natural shape of your jaw and to support dental implants. Gum disease and other factors can cause bone to be lost around your teeth, including  bone loss at the bottom of your  sinus cavity which is just above your upper molars.  Dr. Peto can expertly regenerate this missing bone in your jaw and sinus cavity using minimally invasive bone grafting procedures.

Benefits of Dental Implants

A dental implant is a post inserted into the jawbone to function as an artificial tooth root. A dental implant is the most durable, most lifelike and longest-lasting tooth replacement option, and is the modern gold standard for replacing missing teeth.

Dental Implant Services

Dr. Peto is as an expert at placing dental implants and uses advanced diagnostics and precise planning to make your dental implant treatment fast, minimally invasive and comfortable. He can give you new replacement teeth that are totally natural in look and function. Dental implants can last a lifetime.

Dental Implant Options

Dental implants can support a crown, a bridge, or an entire arch of replacement teeth. Learn about the many options for replacing your missing teeth using dental implants.

Crown Lengthening

Teeth can need restorative crowns due to decay, fracture or wear. If the gum line surrounding the tooth is too high, the restoration will cut into the gum line and cause bleeding or pain. Cavities can also form under the gum line and are very difficult to address unless they are openly exposed. Dr. Peto can lengthen the amount of exposed tooth crown so dental restorations can be placed securely and cavities formed under the gum line can be exposed and properly treated.

Tooth Exposure

Certain teeth, such as canines, can fail to erupt through the gums or move to their proper position in the dental arch. Orthodontic treatment can correct this. Dr. Peto gently removes the gum tissue covering these teeth and exposes their crowns so an orthodontist can place a dental bracket over them and bring them into their proper position with orthodontic treatment.

Extractions & Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Dr. Peto will extract teeth where necessary for implants to be placed or when they are too deteriorated to save. He will also occasionally remove  wisdom teeth. He extracts teeth in a minimally invasive manner which causes little to no damage to the surrounding tissues and minimal to no discomfort.

Comfort & Sedation

Dr. Peto and our staff treat your comfort as a top priority. We do everything we can to help you relax and make your procedures as comfortable and pain-free as possible. Our friendly service, minimally invasive procedures and sedation options all contribute to giving you a  comfortable experience.


Dr. Peto uses advanced technology for thorough diagnostics, precise planning of treatment and minimally invasive procedures in gum disease treatment and dental implant treatment.

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