Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials“I was told I would need gum work on one or two teeth since I had receding gums. A co-worker referred me to Dr. Peto and I liked him right away. He was very honest with me and said there was only one tooth that needed to be treated. He didn’t try to get me to get more work than I needed. That made me feel very comfortable with him. He’s knowledgeable and very detail-oriented.

“My recession has improved since the procedure. I could see why he rated five stars on all his online reviews.”

— Vanessa


Patient Testimonials“I needed to have dental implants. Dr. Peto took a very cautious and measured approach to my procedure. He and his staff were professional, skilled and concerned with my needs. Due to all of his efforts, I had positive results. My implants are comfortable and the outcome of my procedure was a good one.”

— Ellen


Patient Testimonials“I had not gone to a dentist in six to eight years. I had some molar pain and bleeding gums. Dr. Peto came highly recommended by a good friend and for good reason. He was very gentle and friendly, which took my nerves away.

“I was quite surprised by his recommendations. It was not the doom and gloom I expected. Sandra, his hygienist, ended up performing my deep cleaning below the gum line treatment. It went very smoothly and she kept me updated on the progress. Ever since then, my gums have stopped bleeding and there is no more molar pain. My gums look better than they ever have and my teeth are generally cleaner.”

— Joshua


Patient Testimonials“After dealing with the condition of my gums, which had become worse during my pregnancy, I had laser surgery with Dr. Peto. On a scale of these types of procedures, it was a very positive experience. Discomfort was at a minimum and the recovery was fairly quick.

“Though this has been a bit of a long road, it has been a very positive experience working with Dr. Peto and his team. My condition and situation has improved a great deal. I’m very happy with the results.”

— Samantha


Patient Testimonials“I came to see Dr. Peto following a failed implant. I was very nervous to go through another surgery. He was very patient and kind. Even though I had a lot of anxiety, he treated me with patience and respect. His procedure was much more comfortable than a previous surgery I had elsewhere, and my recovery time was greatly reduced. Thank you Dr. Peto!”

— Joan


Patient Testimonials“I finally am getting good news in my battle with bone loss. I needed a bone graft and I had laser surgery as well as regular deep cleanings. Dr. Peto had a really positive attitude with my situation. He told me that my dental problems could all be fixed.

“I’m a wimp when it comes to pain and I have been surprised by how little pain I’ve experienced. The LANAP laser surgery caused very little pain and Dr. Peto tells me it’s helping re-grow my bone. He’s an awesome guy with a great demeanor. He doesn’t admonish you or talk down to you. Both he and his staff are fun to talk with which makes it easy to work with them.”

— Ron


Patient Testimonials“There’s been a measurable increase in my gum tissue since I started seeing Dr. Peto. He was able to add to my gums on the upper left and lower right side of my mouth. It wasn’t painful at all. He’s a great dentist who is gentle and nice to the patients. He showed me the X-rays and was very clear about what he was going to do.

“Food no longer gets trapped in gaps and pockets. He gave me a clear understanding of what was involved with my treatment down to the smallest detail, from what I could eat afterwards to how and when to floss. Follow up is also important. His hygienists do gentle cleanings in order to keep my gums healthy.”

— Neale


“My dentist told me Dr. Peto was the best periodontist for my receding gums. His recommendation turned out to be correct. I found Dr. Peto to be very calming. There was no great level of pain or discomfort during my procedure. He walked me through the process, explained everything in a comprehensible manner, and was remarkably calm and professional. My gums are in a much better condition.”

— Eric


“I had a tooth that needed extracting and there were recurring infections going on in the gums. I did my online research, and Dr. Peto had all five-star reviews. He solved my infection problem and took care of the extraction. I found him to be knowledgeable and skillful, and was glad I chose him. He’s a straight shooter, very efficient, and I like that he gives you all your options.

“There’s a good feeling to the office. It’s the old school style of service. It’s not a big office with lots of dentists, where you get lost in the chaos. His staff has personality galore. They’re friendly and very efficient.”

— Rick


“I come from a family with a history of bad teeth. My mother lost her teeth at an early age, and I knew at a young age that my gums needed work. Not too long ago, I had chemo which also compromised my teeth and gums.

“Dr. Peto was brilliant. He redid my whole mouth. Now I won’t lose my teeth.

“Everyone in the office was very helpful and patient. Dr. Peto is sweet and nice, but no-nonsense when it came to my procedure. He explained everything thoroughly and got the job done.”

— Stephanie


“Dr. Peto saved me from getting dentures. I lost a tooth and had to get a dental implant. He was gentle and he calmly explained everything to me. It’s a professional, calm atmosphere where you are treated well. They always got me in for early morning appointments. His staff is very organized and competent.”

— Sharon


“Dr. Peto’s great bedside manner made me feel comfortable when he was doing my bone grafts and dental implants. I had gum disease, pockets, bleeding, infections, bone loss and missing teeth. So it was important to me that Dr. Peto was extremely thorough and gentle. He’s very up to date with technology using laser surgery. I found him to be very caring. He called me after the procedure to see how I was doing.

“Everything is under control now. My hygienist is amazing. I’m never kept waiting and they always take me in on time. Dr. Peto makes himself available for any questions. He even had my friend come in for a consultation at no charge.”

— Susan


“My issues were major. Bleeding and receding gums, teeth that couldn’t be saved, a bridge that needed to be replaced. In other words, there was a lot of discomfort. But now after my gum surgery and implants there’s no more pain. Now I only get good reports when I go in to see Dr. Peto.

“I always like to know what’s happening with my health and what’s involved with my treatment. Dr. Peto is very thorough in his explanations. He speaks to me in plain English and not in technical language, so he’s very easy to talk with. His whole staff is very good at keeping me informed so there are never any surprises.”

— Sandra


“I had bad pockets and my gums were puffy and bleeding. This required gum surgery and deep cleanings.

“Everything is stable now and my gums don’t bleed anymore. Dr. Peto is very attentive and knowledgeable. Everyone looks after me here. Sandra is a fantastic hygienist. I want to stick with her forever. Good and thorough cleanings keep the pockets away!”

— Greg


“My surgery with Dr. Peto was a walk in the park. The laser is far less painful and invasive. He was so precise with it. He only had to make a small incision and my healing time was short. He’s very good at monitoring you after the surgery. My gum problems were fixed and I got to keep my teeth.

“You can talk with him and he explains your procedure very simply and in great detail. He’ll tell you why certain treatments need to be done. I found him to be honest and trustworthy. Your long term dental health is his primary concern. ”

— Mark


“I do a lot of my own research on dental procedures since I have complicated issues. That’s why I want someone I can trust and is interested in my long term health. Before I came to see Dr. Peto, I had some posts inserted for implants which never healed properly. So I had a flipper instead of crowns for many years. Dr. Peto has always been very proactive in getting my health to the next level.

He has gone above and beyond to find solutions for my mouth. He’s extremely careful about when to do things and never does anything drastic. He truly cares and is very knowledgeable about my case.”

— Even


“I had gum disease but I knew I didn’t need another surgical procedure pushed on me. I like to be part of the decision-making process. With Dr. Peto, I found someone I can trust, someone who really listens to me. He agreed that I didn’t need surgery, and now I am on a good maintenance program.

“Dr. Peto keeps on top of things and gives me input about my treatment. It puts me at ease to know I have someone who takes a conservative approach and is not just pushing surgery. He lets me be part of the decisions regarding my dental health. Everyone on his staff is friendly and helpful. They make the insurance process very easy. His hygienist has me using prescription toothpaste for my sensitive teeth with great results.”

— Michael


“There were serious issues with my mouth but since originally there was no pain, I let it go for a long time. I knew I had bone loss and needed surgery but I also needed to overcome my great fear of going to the dentist. Eventually I needed bone grafting and implants. When I met Dr. Peto, I found him to be very reassuring and an astute listener. He didn’t sugarcoat anything but he wasn’t an alarmist either. He said it might be difficult but we’ll work it out.

“The surgery was totally painless. It’s been a life changer! I used to be self conscious about my teeth and had to be careful eating. Life is now much less stressful and I can bite into an apple without any fear. Dr. Peto is the very best with exceptional diagnostic and surgical skills.

“His office is very calm and friendly. It’s like the bar on Cheers where everyone knows your name. The staff is cordial and always in a good mood with the patients. I always feel like I’m in good hands when I’m there.”

— Dana


“The best part about seeing Dr. Peto was losing the pain! He took care of my two bad teeth and put in implants.

“I never have to wait to see him. He doesn’t beat around the bush, and he directly answers all my questions. You get an explanation of what he’s going to do before he does anything. He cares about you and he does great work. Dr. Peto is always Johnny-on-the-spot.”

— David


“When I was a child, I damaged a front incisor. The tooth eventually died and needed to be replaced. Things got complicated though. I lost bone around the tooth so I needed bone grafts and an implant. I was always a chicken about taking care of my funny looking front tooth. But everyone in the office was very sweet. They made me feel comfortable, answered all my questions and were very accommodating with my crazy schedule.

“We just finished the last steps of the treatment. My tooth is now the right color and matches the rest of my smile. Dr. Peto did a great job. I found him to be completely accessible, so open and forthcoming. He explained everything in easy to understand terms, told me the pros and cons of the procedure. I was never intimidated because he answered all my questions in a very patient manner.”

— Joan

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