Tooth Exposure

Expert Treatment for Impacted (Unerupted) Teeth

Tooth ExposureWhen a tooth fails to emerge through the gums, it is considered to be an impacted or unerupted tooth. Impacted wisdom teeth are the most common form of this condition. The second most common occurs around the ages of 10 to 13 when incoming adult teeth fail to erupt through the gums. This usually occurs with canine teeth.

It is vital that the canine teeth erupt into position because they play a crucial role in the dental arch. They are designed to be the first teeth to touch when the jaws are closed together and help guide remaining teeth into the proper bite. Dr. Peto works with your orthodontist to help bring the teeth to the ideal location.

Tooth Exposure Treatment

Selection of the type of surgical procedure depends on which tooth is impacted, the degree of impaction, and the position of the tooth within the jawbone. For orthodontic cases, Dr. Peto will perform a procedure in which the gum on top of the unerupted tooth is lifted up to expose the hidden tooth underneath.

If there is a baby tooth present, Dr. Peto will remove it at the same time. Dr. Peto makes sure to save the preferred attached gum tissue around the tooth to eliminate the need for having to replace gum tissue with soft tissue grafts.

The treatment allows the tooth to erupt naturally, or will create access for the attachment of orthodontic brackets to help the tooth erupt. Your orthodontist and Dr. Peto will determine if an orthodontic bracket is needed. These appliances, used in conjunction with the wires of the braces, will help guide the tooth to the level of the adjacent teeth.

Dr. Peto makes sure that his younger patients are comfortable and relaxed during the procedure. With the combined surgical skill of Dr. Peto and good orthodontic treatment, an impacted tooth can be brought to the ideal position.

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