Extractions & Wisdom Teeth in Beverly Hills

Extractions & Wisdom Teeth in Beverly Hills

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Minimally Invasive Extractions

As a periodontist, Dr. Peto will do everything he can to save your natural teeth. However, it is sometimes necessary to extract a tooth due to decay, infection, trauma or to make more room in the mouth. Dr. Peto also extracts teeth that will be replaced with dental implants. He performs extractions in a way that is minimally invasive and preserves the extraction site.

Socket Preservation

When Dr. Peto extracts a tooth, he will begin the process of preserving the jawbone (called the alveolar “ridge” bone).  He does socket preservation, a technique where he uses bone grafting material to fill the socket to prevent the deterioration that occurs when a tooth is missing from the socket. Without socket preservation, the bone reabsorbs into the body, about 25% loss of volume in the first year.

The bone grafting material will support the surrounding tissue and in time, it will be replaced by new bone. The bone that grows will provide excellent support for dental implants. Dr. Peto recommends dental implants to permanently maintain the integrity of the bone where the tooth was extracted, as well as for cosmetic reasons.

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Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Extractions & Wisdom Teeth in Beverly HillsWisdom teeth are the upper and lower molars that come in last, if at all, usually when patients are in their late teens or early twenties. They sometimes emerge at an angle, crowding other teeth, which can cause problems. Or a wisdom tooth may only come in partially, creating an unhealthy condition where the gum is more apt to trap food and bacteria. Wisdom teeth can also be impacted, meaning they don’t break through the gums at all because they are blocked by other teeth.

When wisdom teeth are causing problems, they may need to be extracted. Dr. Peto performs gentle extractions for problem wisdom teeth.

Sedation for Your Comfort

We provide our patients with amenities like pillows, blankets and headphones to listen to music. For those who are uneasy in the dental chair and want extra help relaxing, Dr. Peto can provide his patients with nitrous oxide, oral or IV sedation. Dr. Peto is certified and trained in IV sedation. He will administer the anesthesia and monitor the patient during treatment. He partners with an anesthesiologist for patients with very complex medical conditions to ensure safety.

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