Treatment for Dental Implant Problems

Treatment for Dental Implant Problems

Dr. Peto provides expert care for your dental implants using advanced technology.

Expert Treatment for Dental Implant Complications

Dr. Peto will sometimes see new patients who received Implants in the past and are now having problems with them. Although the vast majority of implant placements are successful, a very small percentage of them develop complications that need special treatment or replacement with a new implant.

Experienced Dental Implant care specialist

Dr. Peto is very experienced at addressing implant complications and uses advanced technology to restore the stability and health of implants that can be treated and saved.

Sources of Dental Implant Complications

Implant complications are rare. However, when they do happen, the main sources of difficulties are as follows:

Failure to integrate

An implant can be set in the wrong position or placed where there is inadequate bone support. Sometimes the implant is placed properly but the bone surrounding it fails to integrate with the implant. This leads to implant instability and it can become loose. It is also more susceptible to infection when placement or bone integration is flawed.


Treatment for Dental Implant Problems

An infected dental implant will often be surrounded by redness and swelling.

Most infection takes the form of a special type of gum disease known as peri-implantitis. Peri-implantitis is characterized by infection of the gums with bone loss around the implant. It can be caused by a variety of factors, including poor oral hygiene, dental cement for the crown getting under the gum line, smoking and health problems such as diabetes. It can occasionally be the result of bite alignment problems putting excessive pressure on the implant.

Final restoration placed too soon

Sometimes final crowns, bridges or dentures are immediately loaded onto the implants at the time of implant placement. When the implant is stable enough to handle this, immediate placement of the final restoration saves time and money and there is no problem. But if the restoration is placed before the implant is stable enough to easily handle the added chewing and biting pressure, the implant can become destabilized.

Treatment for Dental Implant Complications

Dr. Peto follows an exact series of steps to effectively treat dental implant complications.

Thorough examination and determination of treatment

Treatment for Dental Implant Problems

Dr. Peto does a thorough exam to determine the best treatment for implant complications.

Dr. Peto will thoroughly examine the implant and determine the level of infection or instability. He will take any X-rays needed to accurately determine the level of bone support and if any bone loss has occurred.

If the implant was poorly placed in the first place, has already become loose or is too compromised in some other fashion to be saved, Dr. Peto will have to remove the implant and replace it. In this case, he will thoroughly describe the treatment needed for a new implant and will answer any of your questions.

If the examination shows that the implant complications are treatable and the implant can possibly be saved, Dr. Peto can use the following treatment options as needed:

Advanced laser treatment

Treatment for Dental Implant Problems

Dr. Peto uses our dental laser for treatment of implant complications.

Where the implant has developed peri-implantitis, Dr. Peto uses a dental laser  to perform a special therapy for compromised implants. The formal name for the treatment is LAPIP (Laser Assisted Peri-Implantitis Procedure).

With the laser, Dr. Peto first removes the diseased gum tissue around the implant and opens up the gum pocket so the implant can be cleaned with special instruments that will not scratch it. After the cleaning, he uses the laser again to seal the pocket. This also stimulates new bone growth and allows the gums to naturally reattach around the implant and supporting bone.

Bone grafting for extra bone support

If a large amount of bone has been lost around the implant and laser therapy alone will not regenerate all the needed new bone, Dr. Peto will place a bone graft around the implant. This will generate the new bone needed to anchor the implant.

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